Cyclists, pedestrians & alcohol

In the alcohol percentages a distinction is thus made between novice drivers of motor vehicles and (other) drivers of vehicles. What is meant by vehicle is not explained in the law, but from the explanation of the law it appears that the meaning can be derived from speech. A vehicle could be anything that drives. So even if you ride your bicycle while drunk, you may be punishable. As a cyclist, you are punishable with more than 220 micrograms of alcohol per exhaled breath or with more than 0.5 millilitres of alcohol per millilitre of blood.
Fietsers, voetgangers & alcohol
All road users, including cyclists and pedestrians, must of course behave in such a way that they do not constitute a danger to others or obstruct traffic on the road. If they do behave in such a way as to endanger others or obstruct traffic, then they are breaking the law and are liable to punishment. In addition, anyone causing accidents in traffic resulting in physical injury or death to another person is liable to prosecution. Even on a bicycle or while walking you can be a danger to other road users, especially with a few glasses on. So as a cyclist or pedestrian, you can also be punishable if you are a danger to others or if you cause an accident that results in the physical injury or death of another.

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